Material Details:

Work Capacity: 1-2kg/min                    

Power: 0.9kW+5kW                      

Pedestal:  #304 stainless steel, 2.0mm thickness.                                      

Rack: #304 stainless steel, 2.0mm thickness.                                          

Roller body: #304 stainless steel , thickness 1.5mm, body was poured out by handle and have limit.                                                    

The roller rotate speed is 3~23 turn/min, the agitator blade rotate speed 2~14 turn/min, roller and agitator blade rotating in negative direction, frequency control.                  

Use 5kW electromagnetism heating, setup time, temperature gear, rolling speed.

Core Features:

1. The roller cooker have many uses, stir-frying dishes, rices, noodles, etc.                              

2. 60 menus could be entered into the display screen, the operation process is guided by voice, get rid of the cooking rely on chef, easily operated by unskilled labourer, and standardized.                                                          

3. Firepower adjusts, stir-frying, rotating speed, time control, all the process finished by progress. An unskilled labourer could handle 3 woks, save labor cost.                                      

4.  Thermal efficiency is high by electromagnetism, no open fire and flue gas, safety and sanitation.


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