Bubbling, surfing, spraying, three ways combined, effectively wipe off the sediment, pesticide, worm;The tank bottom inclined, the sediment back to the groove after two filters circulating, save water;One person could lift and clean after cutted, high efficiency, save labor cost.  

 360° five times  circulation overturn washing, 16 adjustable high pressure bubbled spray-cleaning, completely eliminate the abuse of vegetable huddle and cannot wash clean by traditional vortex washer when washing uncut vegetables.  

The first vegetable peeler&washer used in central kitchen, hotel kitchen and corporation canteen in China. Matched with sink, workbench, to be one work line; Tubers vegetables and sphere fruit could be washed, peeling but not fleshing; Bottom to be mesh design, convenient to clear away the peel and residue; Time control, not need people to watch, save labor cost. 

Stable performance, high efficiency of dehydration, no noise, no vibration, low power consumption, long lifespan; The structure is simple, easy to operate, maintain, environmental health; A high degree of automation, the performance is far superior to the traditional dehydration machine.


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