• Fully Automatic Dishes cooker (gas)

    The first automatic vegetables,  rice, sauce, soup cooker in China  Patent No.: 201420667080.1; 60 menus could be entered into the display screen, the operation process was guided by voice, including adding spices, get rid of the cooking rely on chef, easily operated by unskilled labourer, and standardized.

    Name: Washing, draining and  peeling machine
    Model: DFXLM-1
    Dimensions: 3560*1150*1200 mm
    Power: 3.07 kW
    Production: 1800 KG/h
    Weight: 290 kg 
    Voltage: 380V

Material Details:

Vegetable Washer: Cleaning bucket: 1.5mm thickness stainless steel, Spray groove: 1.2mm thickness stainless steel, high pressure water pump wash circularly, vortex fan bubbled to clean.                  

Draining machine: Draining bucket: 2.0 mm thickness stainless steel,  roller support plate: 1.5 mm thickness stainless steel, electric drive brush roller transmission.            

Rack: 40*40 mm brushed stainless steel square tube, complete equipment integrative control.    

Core Features:

1. 360° five times  circulation overturn washing, 16 adjustable high pressure bubbled spray-cleaning, completely eliminate the abuse of vegetable huddle and cannot wash clean by traditional vortex washer when washing uncut vegetables.                                                                  

2. Exhaust pipe matched with decompression valve, the bubble intensity could be adjusted when washing different vegetables. The internal of cylinder smooth and semicircular design could avoid the damage in crash when washing.                

3. With vibrating draining convey, could save 5 times washing time than traditional conveyor, high efficiency. The punch hole design for the convey plate, and inlet damping arm low frequency shake, effectively segregation the sundries from the vegetables, completely drain extra water.      

4. thickening 304 stainless steel material, Schneider electric, strong and durable.

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