• Double-groove Tipping Bucket Vegetable Washer

    Bubbling, surfing, spraying, three ways combined, effectively wipe off the sediment, pesticide, worm;The tank bottom inclined, the sediment back to the groove after two filters circulating, save water;One person could lift and clean after cutted, high efficiency, save labor cost.

    Name: Double-groove Tipping Bucket Vegetable Washer
    Model: DFFXC-1800
    Dimensions: 1800*750*800 mm
    Water Inlet Dia.: DN25
    Motor: 1.5kW

 Material Details:

Groove body: 1.5mm thickness stainless steel.                  

Periphery: 1.0mm thickness stainless steel.                      

Tipping bucket: 1.2mm stainless steel punched plate, with air spring.                  

Stainless steel water pump.                                      

Two grooves was controlled separately.                            

With time controller.                

Schneider electric   


Core Features:

1. The first vegetable washer used in hotel kitchen and corporation canteen in China. Patent No.: 201420851604.2  Matched with sink, workbench, completely to be one work line.                                            

2. High pressure blow bubbles, high pressure flows form vortex, make vegetables turn over centrifugally, make the leaves open, more clean than ordinary washer, and much better than manual cleaning.                      

3. Two grooves was controlled separately, setup the washing time separately, high efficiency, not need people watching, save labor cost.            

4. Tipping the bucket after clean, not need fish out by hand.                

5. Thickening 304 stainless steel material, Schneider electric, strong and durable, non-rusting. 

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