All the process including measuring, washing, soaking, water distribution, cooking, braising are controlled automatically, save labor cost, free of cooking rely on chef. With water-saving rice washing, energy-saving stereoscopic braising structure, drawer type washable soften machine, saving energy and high efficiency.

The high temperature ripe rice cooling suddenly when pouring out and encounter with air, which make rice chewy and taste good; All the teeth plated with Teflon, non-stick and easy-cleaning; The rice conveyor is special for food, food hygiene meet the standard; One key to start, save energy and labor.

The first wheeled gas food steamer in China, Patent No.: ZL2005200773054.7; Electric and steam could heat at the same time; Total 30 pcs plates(600*400*50mm) push-in and out together, convenient and high efficiency; Steam Rice, steam dishes, steam bun are all available; Double full #304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, indehiscent. 


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